Bonus YW24

Advanced system for bonus processes management

Bonus processes

Bonus YW24 is a system for managing the bonus process in an organization. The system can handle what most other similar systems fail at: handling variations in process flow and advanced bonus calculations.

Different types of goals

The Bonus calculations handles both overall company goals and personal goals


Bonus YW24 calculates bonus outcomes based on different types of goals, such as financial overall for the company and personal goals. Furthermore, the calculations can handle conditions such as max / min bonus levels.

Processes and work-flows

Configurable processes

Upcoming systems

Bonus YW24 is a processes based ssytem, where a process can be configured with the required steps. It is possible i.a. to set the name of the step, the order of the steps and which roles act in each step.

Advanced calculations

Calculation engine for bonus calculations

Avancerade beräkningar

The system has an advanced calculation engine, which can handle the dynamic structure of most bonus models and a formula generator for calculations and condition management.