Salary RetroCalc YW24

Calculation of retro salary amounts and updating of salary posts

Retrohantering lön

Salary RetroCalc YW24 is a tool that helps HR and Payroll to manage retro salaries.

The tool helps to generate new salary amounts to enter in the salary history, which is necessary to handle when there have been salary changes during the review period.

Furthermore, retro salary amounts are calculated.

Updating of salary history and calculation of retro salary amounts can also take place when several reviews have been performed per employee.

Update salary posts in the salary history

Salary history incl retro

Lönehistorik inkl retro

RetroCalc creates an updated salary history, which includes an salary post for the review date and updated salary posts which includes the review amount.

This updated salary history can then be used to update the salary history in HR systems and Payroll systems.

Calculation of retro salary amount

Retro salary amount per employee

Beräkning av retrolönebelopp

RetroCalc YW24 calculates the retro salary amount per employee. The amount depends on whether the salary is paid in arrears or during the current month. This can be set in the tool.

Management of several audits per employee

Complex Review situation

Komplex revisionssituation

RetroCalc YW24 can calculate retro salary amounts even in complex Review situations, such as when more than one salary review has been performed per employee, without salary history being updated in HR systems or salary systems.

The tool also produces salary post for updating the salary history for HR-systems and Payroll systems.

Access to the tool

Available both as a windows application and cloud solution

Finns både som windowsapplikation och i molnet

RetroCalc YW24 is offered both as a windows application and via the cloud, as a SaaS solution.

The Windows application is installed on a single PC. The SaaS solution is accessible via the Internet.