Services YW24

Digitialization of HR

Digitalisering av HR

YW24 can be your partner in the work with Digitization of HR.

We provide:
- Facilitation of HR and Payroll processe development to preparing these for digitization.
- YW24 systems and implementation of those.
- Help with procurement of suitable third-party systems that suit your needs.
- We can also help develop completely tailored IT solutions for you.

Requirments Analisys

To ensure the best system solution


We can support you in analyzing requirements for HR-related systems and Payroll related applications. We can help you with process capturing, develop information models, capture and describe functional requirements and transform these into requirements documents.

Our strength is that we not only capture your requirements, but can advice in how to optimize processes, information structures and functionality.


Facilitates procurement and negotiation support


We can help you with the procurement of HR-related systems and Payroll applications. We can support you in the entire purchasing process, including negotiation and contract management.

Project Management

Structured and efficient project management


We can project manage projects within HR and Payroll, mainly in terms of system implementation, but also related change management.
Project management can be carried out when implementing YW24 systems, but also other suppliers' systems.

System implementation

Responsible implementation partner


We have consultants who implement our systems, together with you.
We can also assist in projects within HR and Payroll, and be your partner in the implementation of other suppliers' systems.