An advanced and comprehensive system for Equal Pay analysis

Lönekartläggning Yw24

Do you find Salary Equal Pay analysis cumbersome?

Equal Pay YW24 is a comprehensive system that helps the medium-sized and large company with professional salary equality analysis.

The tool guides you through the various steps and makes it easy to complete the analysis. The system is primarily for those of you who want to work professionally and strategically with equal pay, where the focus is on qualitative implementation and long-term management of pay structure within the business. The system itself saves time compared to manual handling of the salary equality analysis, and it is possible to make a quick and correct analysis (ie meet the legal requirements), but can also be used to advantage to get a clear picture of the salary structure situation, which then forms the basis for a structural action plan.

By working qualitatively, it is possible to create an equal pay structure that is also cost-efficient.

The salary equality analysis is presented via diagrams and tables, where all tables can be exported to an Excel report.

The system meets the PUL and GDPR requirements. IT-security and information security standards are implemented. The customer can choose whether the information should be stored and processed over a period of time in the system or deleted after use.

The Analyzes and Overview

The system provides you with the necessary analyses and information

YW24 Analyserna Och Översikt

Overview:Shows basic information about your company’s employee and job structure, such as the number of equal jobs, the number of men and women.

Analysis 1:Analysis of pay differences within the Same jobs (that is, between women and men doing same work).

Analysis 2:Analysis of pay differences between groups of employees in women-dominated jobs and groups of employees in similar jobs but which not or are not usually considered to be women-dominated.

Analysis 3: Analysis of pay differences between women-dominated jobs and jobs with lower requirements that nevertheless have a higher pay level.

Analysis 4:(not a requirement for Swedish Equal pay analysis, but a requirement in e.g. the UK). Analysis of pay differences between men and women in groups of Similar jobs.

Auto Analysis

The system makes an initial analysis and evaluation for you

YW24 Autoanalys

The system helps with an initial analysis and explains pay differences if possible. Jobs that require manual review are marked and other facilitating actions are provided by the system such as:

  • Determines which jobs are women-dominated.
  • Analysis 3 - the cross-sectional analysis, the system produces the job combinations that need to be analysed.

The system does most of the Equal pay analysis where only deviations that cannot be explained must be handled by you manually.

Actions for the harmonisation of pay levels

Action plan and distribution of actions

Åtgärder för utjämning av lönenivåer

The decided actions required for harmonisation of pay differences can be entered into the system and then distributed in a report for handling by the concerned manager.

The actions can also be distributed via our Salary Review module, and shown to the managers and handled in the next salary review.

Exclusion of certain employee’s salaries

Exclusion of historical salaries and incorrect salaries

Exkludering av vissa löner

The system supports the exclusion of certain employees' salaries via a simple table.

Pay level impact factors

The system can use selected factors to explain pay differences

Lönegrundande faktorer

It is possible to enter a number of pay level impact factors in the system and set how big an impact these can be considered to have, where these factors are taken into account in the auto-analysis and help with the explanation of any pay differences.

Examples of pay level impact factors are:

  • Experience/Age
  • Performance
  • Market salary
  • Education level
  • Manager or not manager

Setting options

The system offers setting options that facilitate the equal pay analysis

Omfattande inställningsmöjligheter

The system has settings where we as a supplier or you as a customer can set a number of configurations that facilitate the Equal pay analysis.

It is possible to define what constitutes Same job and Similar job based on a number of criteria. Furthermore, it is possible to define pay level factors and their impact. It is possible to specify a certain tolerance in the deviation for each of the analysises.

Delivery Method/Installation

The system can be delivered via SaaS or On-premise

Leveransmetod installation

We deliver the system primarily as a SaaS solution but we can also offer a local installation in your server environment (On-prem solution). Our solution is distributed via Microsoft Azure Sweden for SaaS. On-prem requires a MS IIS and MS-SQL.