HR Portal YW24

Customer-specific interactive HR information portal

HR Portal

HR Portal YW24 is a web based portal solution and knowledge base for HR information, where HR share information about policies, processes and rules with employees and managers.

HR can create and maintain the information in the portal themselves.

The information is entered as articles, where one issue is dealt with per article. The system has about 100 articles predefined and filled with descriptions, which can then be edited by the customer.

Each customer gets their own set where the customer decides which topics are covered in the articles.

Article-based and searchable

A mini-google for internal HR information

Loenekartlaeggning Yw24 Exempel Kvinnograf

The articles contain information about e.g. leave of absence, terms of employment, instructions on how a manager should do to hire and how certain benefits work, etc.

The portal/knowledge base is searchable and the relevant articles are displayed in the search result.

Links to external sources

Go directly to external sources or tools from an article

Länkar till externa källor

The articles can contain links to other articles and to external sources, such as the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

The articles may also contain links to tools and systems, such as HR systems or time reporting systems.

Links can be added by the Portal administrator.

Documents and forms

The articles can hold related documents and forms

Dokument och blanketter

It is possible to add documents and forms to the articles which the users can download and use. Examples of documents are policy documents, instructions and application forms.

Separation of access to articles

Easy to separate which user groups can see an article

Avgränsning av artikeltillgång

It is easy to separate which user groups should have access to an article. It is common for a company to want a certain article to be available only to managers or for the article to be available to employees in a certain part of the company.

Task Manager

Employees can ask questions directly from the article to the person in charge


HR Portal YW24 contains a Task management module.

Employees and managers (and other users) can ask questions directly from an article to the designated person assigned responsible for the topic in the article. The questions and answers are stored in the Task management module, where the user can see their questions and answers.