Salary Proposal YW24

Enabling HR and Managers to generate Salary proposals through self service

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The tool enables HR to obtain salary proposals for employees and candidates based on both an external and internal salary market without going through and external provider or via Comp & Ben. Furthermore, the company can make it possible for managers to generate salary proposals themselves via the tool, which both lessen the workload for HR/Comp & Ben and speeds up the process to produce comparative salaries when discussing with employees or candidates.

The tool also supports with generate average salary for employees within the company who carry out the same or similar jobs, when employees request information based on the Salary Transparency.

The Salary Proposal

Included in the proposal

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Salary range provided by External salary markets. 

For the internal salary comparison, a salary proposal is provided with the following information: 

  • Median salary 

  • Minimum salary 

  • Highest salary 

  • Salary market level (average value) 

  • Average performance 

  • The proportion of employees who are managers 

  • The proportion of employees who are of overtime paid 

Comparison Data

Defining comparison salary market through Selectable options to enable relevant salary proposal

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The user selects one or more similar jobs to be included in the search for the salary proposal.

The user can select country, city/region and blue collar/white collar to refine the salary market search.

Furthermore, the user can select the employee seniority level (senior, normal, junior) to receive a more relevant salary proposal.